PRP: is it worth all the hype?

Celebreties are raving about it, doctors are promoting it for many things, but is it really worth the hype?

In short, PRP is not FDA approved for anu Dermatologic or Cosmetic indication. There are several small studies that concluded that there is benefit when treating androgenic alopecia. That being said, larger, well-designed studies are needed. For other indications, such as photo-rejuvenation, studies are even more poorly designed.

There is a good scientific basis for why PRP may help a variety of conditions. Unfortunately, due to a lack of good clinical studies further research is needed. So the answer to the question of whether is is worth the hype is maybe. 

Often, PRP is combined with another procedure–laser resurfacing+PRP, or Restylane+PRP. When doing so, it is difficult to know if the PRP is adding any benefit.


Fat transfers take over 2 years to see final result

Moving fat from one area of the body to another has been used for decades with much success, but often great variability is seen from one surgeon to another. Various techniques have been used (i.e. fresh fat technique versus frozen), both with good results. With the recent addition of good sub-dermal fillers, fat transfers are less commonly used.

In a recent study, the final result took an average of 2.2 years after treatment. That is surprisingly long time.