Psoriasis Treatments work in 20%

Treatments Only Effective For 20% Of Psoriasis Patients.

AFP-Relaxnews (2/3) reported findings in a study published online in the Journal of Dermatological Treatment, psoriasis “treatments are only effective for 20%” after 3  months of treatment.  The study authors “suggest that patients with moderate to severe psoriasis using conventional systemic treatments should consider biologics,” while “patients already receiving biologics should envisage new therapeutic strategies.”

What does this mean for psoriasis patients?

Patience. Have patience. I tell my patients that there are thousands of prescription and over-the-counter psoriasis products. It is basically trial and error to find the most effective treatment for an individual. Treatment failure does not mean that the doctor did something wrong or was a “bad doctor”, which I hear often. This study confirms that in fact, most patients (4/5) will  not have success.


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