AVO. A New drinkable sunscreen: Really?

A 34-year old Dermatologist has come up with a drink, called AVO, containing over 30 vitamins and anti-oxidants that reduces one’s risk for sunburn. Will this replace traditional sunscreen? Can we just take a drink and go out in the sun?

Not so fast! Although clinical studies show that one does burn less, it appears that this drinkable product is less effective than an SPF 2 sunscreen  in respect to burning. No, that is not a typo. TWO. Of course, long term studies are needed to see if the reduced risk of burning actually reduces the risk of skin cancer.

So, don’t throw away your sunscreen yet. For now, AVO might be a great adjunct to use in addition to sunscreen, as is topical Vitamin C, but it should in no way replace one’s sunscreen.


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