Sculptra: Revolutionary or Overrated?

Sculptra is not a new product, although it was only approved for HIV lipoatrophy (hollows in the cheeks in HIV-infected persons) until recently. In the past year, its use has been much more widespread and it has received much press. In short, this product is unique in that it does stimulate collagen formation that can be long-lasting. It has been best studied and proven to increase the volume of the cheeks and/or temples. Recently, it has been used in dilute volumes to thicken the thin skin in most areas of the face. In short, it is too soon to tell whether or not Sculptra will be a fad or a long-term solution for atrophic changes that take place in the aging face. In any case, Sculptra increases the volume of the skin and should be reserved for cases in which this is the desired effect.


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